Portraits of flowers. Paper art flowers. Bouquet of sweets.

Portraits Of Flowers

portraits of flowers

  • (of a page, book, or illustration, or the manner in which it is set or printed) Higher than it is wide

  • A representation or impression of someone or something in language or on film

  • (portrait) portrayal: a word picture of a person's appearance and character

  • (portrait) any likeness of a person, in any medium; "the photographer made excellent portraits"

  • A painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person, esp. one depicting only the face or head and shoulders

  • Portraits is a concept album by Breton band Tri Yann. It was released in 1995 under the Declic label.

  • (flower) bloom: produce or yield flowers; "The cherry tree bloomed"

  • (of a plant) Produce flowers; bloom

  • Be in or reach an optimum stage of development; develop fully and richly

  • Induce (a plant) to produce flowers

  • (flower) a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms

  • (flower) reproductive organ of angiosperm plants especially one having showy or colorful parts

portraits of flowers - Flowers:Portraits Of

Flowers:Portraits Of Intimacy

Flowers:Portraits Of Intimacy

Award-winning photographer Adam Kufeld takes on the always popular subject of flowers in a fresh and provocative way, using a close-range lens to describe the intricate, surprising forms hidden inside blossoms. His macro lens allows Kufeld to capture detail invisible to the naked eye, and take advantage of the naturally brilliant color and suggestive forms of petal, stamen, and pistil to create images that transform their subject. A flower grower from an early age and an orchid tender for almost 15 years, Kufeld knows flowers intimately. His elegant, stylized, seductive portraits depict common garden flowers, including morning glories, bougainvillea, daisies, poppies, lilies, zinnias, roses, and passion flowers, as well as more exotic varieties, such as orchids. His original Giclee prints, on traditional watercolor paper, have been hugely successful in exhibition. Flowers: Portraits of Intimacy includes more than 60 photographs captioned with the common name of the flower and an introduction by acclaimed floral designer Rebecca Cole.

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Dear Flower

Dear Flower

Day 25 of 365 days -
Self Portrait

Dear Flower,
I am blessed with your beauty and grateful for your patience. Seeing you today was like opening my eyes to new beginnings, to the fact that every day is the first day of the rest of my life. Seeing you inspired me to meditate, and to attempt a diet (not at all to lose weight) of healthier foods. You showed me that life is too short to take yourself for granted and that we need to live every day to it's fullest. I'm sorry I took you from your home, but you inspired so much in me I had to write about you and share you with others. Thank you flower, I will remember today and dedicate it to you.
- Annika Ekstrom



...... planning on making her teacher a card for the end of term :) I helped her with the words and she made herself busy decorating the rest of the board!

This has just been licenced by Getty .. hooray my 40th image with them :)

portraits of flowers

portraits of flowers

A-Z of Flower Portraits: An Illustrated Guide to Painting 40 Beautiful Flowers in Watercolour

Capturing slender stems and fragile flower blossoms, this step-by-step resource updates traditional botanical paintings, adding an elegant, modern flair to flower portraiture. Each of the four project chapters offer insightful case studies, close-up details, and explanations of various styling techniques and finishing methods that give more than 30 flower portraits an organic feel, emphasizing their botanical nature. Arranged in alphabetical order, this comprehensive all-in-one guidebook includes tips for buying the best materials for successful results as well as basic brushstroke and surface techniques—such as wet-into-wet, color blending, lifting out, layering glazes, and dry brushing—that build confidence and motivate aspiring artists.

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